The most adorable creature in the world in history.

The photo collection of my dear pet.

Did you think he looks at my camera? No, he doesn’t. He looks at his snack.
He only has eyes for his snack.
He keeps looking at his snack pretending to look at my camera.
I feel like he finally gave me a look at the camera.
I think this is the best photo.
Casual scenery with him. The photo by my brother.
I can’t see his expression, but he seems to enjoy a walk.
It’s a very small back.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of his childhood left. I was only 10 at the time and no one in my family was interested in cameras at all.

As an adult, I didn’t have the habit of taking pictures of my daily life. That said, he was so cute that I had taken a number of pictures of him in the past. but I hadn’t kept the data properly. So there are few pictures of him.

I must never lose my data again. So I uploaded it on Google Drive, transfer it to an SD card, make a repository for it on GitHub (I think it’s the wrong usage…), and uploaded it to this website. The photos left is so precious and these are my treasure in my life.

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