Redesigning Isography's logo

Redesigning Isography’s New Logo

A half-year has passed since I released Isography’s demo ver. I am so badly stuck at developing Isography than I expected. It’s my first solo development, so I take it for granted that I experience some difficulties.

To be honest, recently I’ve lost motivation too much. “Does Isography have any worth to someone…?” “I know there is already nice service similar to Isography…”  These thoughts came into my head many times. However there is no job to do, so I thought I should keep developing it.

A Logo before redesigning

I didn’t like the present logo of Isography, so I thought I’ll redesign it. The logo below is the present one.

When it comes to isometric illustrations, “A cube” comes to my mind. Actually, many articles tell how to draw isometric illustrations with using the example of “a cube”. That’s why I tried to make logo which motif is a cube. I made the present logo by imagining the silhouette of a cube and an upper view of jewel.

I thought I wanted to make the logo which let users have an impression like “high‐grade sense”, “jewel” and “three-dimensional”. However, I didn’t have enough time to design the logo because I had lots of stuff to do. So I made it so roughly.

I use it as a temporary logo, because it has no originality and is too simple.

The Motif of New Logo

I had a plan to make a new logo with keywords such as “high grade”, “a jewel”, “three-dimensional”, “illustrations”, “a drawing I had a plan to make a new logo while imaging keywords such as “high grade”, “a jewel”, “three-dimensional”, “illustrations”, “a drawing tool” this time. And “Glass pens” occurred to my mind. Glass pens are so beautiful and I thinked it could be the best motif of a new logo.

As a test, I made a global header and a splash page with the first logo. I really liked it, so I thought I would brush it up. Its shape is like a jewel, but it is a nib dipped in ink. I think these logos has more originality and clearer concept than previous one.

I liked the third logo.

The third logo is my favorite one. The upper plane is octagonal. I thought it was more stable than a circle. It’s also easier to make shadows. However, I wanted to make it look like “a nib dipped in ink” look, so I made a fourth logo.

The Forth Isography Logo

When the logo is displayed small, it is difficult to understand the details of the logo, but I personally like it as a hidden element. And I’m more attached to it than the previous logo. I think the concept is well expressed in the logo.

While I was designing this, I realized that what kind of service I wanted to make again. There are still many stuff to do, but I’ll do my best.

What do you think about a new logo? I really like it.

Thank you for reading this article.

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