I’ve Done to Release Isography β, An App Designed For Drawing Isometric Illustrations


What is Isography?

Isography is a drawing app that specializes in isometric illustrations.

It’s still far from complete, but I wanted to know if there were any users who would use it, so I decided to release the beta version experimentally.

Origin of the name of Isography

isometric + -graphy

The origin of the service name is “isometric ” and “-graphy”.

Development period

Initially, it was planned to develop a Bete version of the tool in three months. However, it actually took more than 6 months.

I developed it while learning new programming languages, tools, and software. As a result, it took longer than expected to complete beta development. Of course, there may have been some periods when my heart was broken on the way.

Commitment to operability

Pinch in and pinch out

Pinch-in is an operation to zoom in the screen with two fingers, and pinch-out is an operation to zoom out the screen with two fingers.

With Adobe tools and Affinity tools, you can pinch in and out to zoom in and out on the artboard, and drag with two fingers to move the artboard. Many users are used to it, so I thought it would need to be implemented in Isography as well.

The question was whether it could be done in a browser, but Figma and other plugins have already done so. If so, it can be realized somehow. I could implement this, which made Isography easier to use.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts were needed to save time. I want to be able to execute frequently used functions such as delete, duplicate, and back with the keyboard. Of course, each action can be executed on the toolbar, but I made it possible to execute it without moving my finger wastefully. This is also necessary to make Isography easier to use.

(* The shortcut function is currently suspended.)

Specialization and time saving

How can I have an advantage over Adobe, Affinity, etc. that makes users want to use Isography when they have abundant materials?

I thought the answer was “specialization” and “time-saving”. Adobe and Affinity have already provided excellent services that allow users to create illustrations as they want. It doesn’t make sense for Isography to provide a service that already exists.

Isography provides functions specialized for drawing isometric illustrations. I am aiming for a service that even beginners can produce high-quality illustrations in a shorter time.

Price of α version

I haven’t decided yet. At the beginning of the project, I was planning a service that allows you to create many isometric illustrations and it cost about $10 per month.

However, it has all the drawbacks and challenges.

Anyway, I will decide the price by referring to the market price of major paid materials and the market price of drawing tools.

I don’t want to lower the price if possible. There must be a service that can be provided because it is charged. Someday, I want to make the service so that users can earn pocket money.

What I want to gain through Isography

I was born in Japan and have lived in Japan for a long time. I don’t have the opportunity to use English on a daily basis, and I’m not fluent in English. However, I would like to make Isography a service that will be accepted by overseas users. I will have a hard time supporting users in English. However, I would like to overcome such difficulties and connect with people all over the world through Isography.

Future tasks

  • To make it a tool that allows users to create high-quality, isometric illustrations faster, with a goal of 5 minutes.
  • Produce abundant illustrations that can meet a wider range of needs.
  • Improve the UI of the gallery panel and the image search function for users to access the image they want as soon as possible.

The goal is to create a drawing tool that specializes in isometric illustrations that are easier to use and more comfortable to operate than any other tool.

I will do my best to release the official version as soon as possible.

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